• NASM Certified PT

  • Speed Of Sport Performance Specialist 

  • ISSA PT 

  • Dot-Fit Certified 

  • 10+ Year Training Experience 

  • 10+ Year Martial Art Experience 

Steven’s love for combat sports, strength and conditioning, and health led him to train at one of the most elite gyms in Los Angeles. 

He began boxing training 15 years ago, and for many years has been training in different self-defense arts including Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.

After training in multiple combat styles and competing in team sports for many years, he became fascinated on how the human body moves and what it is capable of, given the proper training. 

His focus turned to physical training and how to properly train the body so it operates at its peak and most optimal condition. His knowledge of human anatomy, exercise science, and physiology ensures his clients obtain lasting results.

Steven is a determined, unique, and experienced conditioning coach/trainer who pays attention to every detail to tailor each training program to meet the needs of his clients.

With over 10 years personal training experience in many types of fitness and exercise modalities, he has created a system to help clients improve their health, fitness level, lifestyle, and athleticism. 

If it’s physical conditioning, specific training, boxing, Muay Thai or rehabbing an injury, Steven is the trainer you’ve been searching for! 

“The Body Achieves what the Mind Believes!”