• 2014 Gold Medalist Los Angeles Blue & Gold Tournament

  • 2014 Silver Medalist Los Angeles Golden Gloves Tournament

  • USA Boxing Certified Amatuer coach

  • Box ‘N Burn Certified Trainer

  • 5+ years working with kids athletically

Brandon was born and raised in Wildwood, New Jersey with a father for a fighter. He started competing as an Amatuer fighter when he moved to Los Angeles in 2012. In his 3 years of competition, Brandon won a gold medal in the Los Angeles Blue & Gold tournament as well as a silver medal in the Los Angeles Golden Gloves tournament, both as a heavyweight.

After his gold medal win, Brandon realized (maybe a little late) he didn’t like to get punched in the face all that much. Go figure right? He then switched his focus to teaching the sweet science and acting.

Brandon has appeared in network television shows, national and regional commercials, as well as feature films.

Brandon’s philosophy on training and coaching is simple: “Coaches and trainers all read and teach the same material for the most part, everyone has the same certifications. There is a very practical science we all follow. When looking for a coach, find someone who cares about you, and someone you enjoy spending time with. Your relationship with fitness is a lifelong journey. Find someone you want to take that journey with.”

Brandon has coached and trained a wide range of people. From professional athletes, to Hollywood directors and actors, to families and their kids. Brandon’s broad clientele comes from his ability to personalize and tailor a session to your needs and fitness goals. Whether you want to add some power to your cross and hook, lose some stubborn belly fat, or you want to come in for a family day, Brandon is your guy.

“Hard work is exactly that, hard work. But it tends to be a bit more enjoyable with a smile on your face. Don’t be afraid to show some teeth and enjoy yourself.. After all we are creating the body of your dreams.”