• Head Coach UCLA Boxing Team

  • Box ‘N Burn Certified

  • Onnit Battlerope Certified

  • Onnit Steel Mace Certified

  • TRX Functional Certified

  • TRX Suspension Training Certified

Tony’s passion and love of boxing was first brought to attention when he experienced the physical and mental changes that first occurred within himself, he soon realized the awesome power of the sport. 

His love for boxing is noticeable in the passion and energy he brings, day in and day out, into his craft. Tony believes the dedication, effort, and energy used in boxing, can also translate well into everyday life. 

His goal is not only to win boxing matches, Tony also loves to teach and to see the results when people do well.

Tony strives to make those he works with be great mentally and physically as well as in life and in everything they do.  

Tony was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He has been boxing for 11 years and has participated in over 30 amateur fights. He’s competed in the California Golden Gloves and at National and Regional level.  

Defensively minded, his philosophy is “Make them miss, make them pay!”