Our Small Group Training is the ultimate fusion of personalized coaching, social camaraderie, and targeted workouts, designed to take your fitness journey and skillset to new heights. All the benefits of private training but at a fraction of the cost!
  • Focusing on individual attention and group dynamics, our small group training sessions are tailored to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re a beginner or a BNB regular.
  • A maximum of 6 participants per session, you’ll receive individualized attention, form correction, personal encouragement, and challenges, ensuring optimal results.
  • The energy and encouragement of your fellow group members will inspire you to go further, helping you stay motivated and accountable throughout your fitness journey.
  • Just $50/session


Power Hour is led by BNB Legend & World Class Sports Performance Coach, Josh Hackford.

This session is dedicated to the strength & conditioning work that will make you stronger, faster, more durable, and develop endurance, and enhance your boxing & athletic abilities.

Josh’s background as a former professional football *soccer 🙂 player and S&C coach means you’ll be getting the coaching and training of a professional athlete. The focus will be on the training that takes place “off the field” in order to be an elite athlete. AKA in the weight room, on the treadmill, bike, road & everything in between.


A small group boxing & fitness session coached by BNB Elite Trainer and boxing fitness extraordinaire, Mark McCarraher.

Get all the benefits of the group classes, but with more mitts & intensity, as well as variety in exercises & equipment, in a small group setting.

For the OG BNB members, you’re going to love this because it’ll take you back to the old class format! From mitts, bag work, battle ropes, jump rope, and more much, you’ll never get bored & always be pushed to your limits.

Skip the post-lunch dip in energy & replace it with this endorphin-filled boxing fitness session!


  • Session is capped at 6 people
  • You’ll need gloves & wraps (BNB has them available for rent or for purchase)

  • First timers to BNB must notify Mark directly ahead of time

  • Please contact Mark directly via cell phone for any other questions – (774) 571-7941


A technical kickboxing session with former Team U.K. & Team England MMA Coach, and Kick Boxing Blackbelt, James Doyle.

If you’re interested in acquiring real fight skills you’ve found the place. Build your confidence & techniques on both the offensive and defensive side of the sport through drills, partner work, & the wealth of knowledge James has from his vast experience in coaching.

Even if you’re a beginner, James is a pro at not only working with all levels but meshing different skill levels together.