Never boxed before? That’s totally fine, we will take you through the BNB “How To Box” 3 min crash course before class to get you on your way.

You can also take our 30-min intro technique private session if you want to go over technique before you take a full class.

Expect to sweat A LOT & burn 700+ calories in 45 minutes. You’ll have a blast learning REAL boxing technique; crushing the heavy bag with guided demo’s & move through some fat-shredding strength & conditioning!

Even on the toughest days, our team will get you through it.

Every class is programmed by the best experts at Box N Burn to give you the most effective 45 minute workout possible.
”Get fighting fit without getting hit!”


This class is programmed just like our BNB 45 classes, but instead of pure boxing, you’ll be doing kicks as well! No worries if you don’t have any experience with kicking.

James & Jo are world class trainers, & top BNB Trainers, who will make learning Kickboxing a breeze. 

Switch it up a bit from the normal routine – we promise you’re going to love it.



BNB’s newest twist on the best boxing fitness classes in LA!

This format is inspired by our original class format starting back in 2012! 50 minutes of high paced & high energy, boxing, strength, & conditioning work in a 3 station structure. You’ll get all the things that make BNB45 the best, plus an extra station dedicated to aerobic specific training which will push you to your max. We’ll even mix in some outdoor work, taking advantage of our beautiful Southern California weather.

Get fighting fit without getting hit!


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If you are having difficulty signing up for a class, or have any other questions (not answered below) please email us:

How much is a class? Are there class packages?

Right now we are selling single classes for $36, a 5-pack of classes for $170, and a 10-pack of classes for $20, a 20-pack for $520. We also have a Pro Unlimited Class Membership for $267/month, an Amateur Limited (8 Classes/mo) Membership for $207, and a Pro-Unlimited 1-Month Only for $297. Everything can be purchased online or using our Box ‘N Burn app!

Are you offering anything for a 1st timer?

Yes, we do have an Intro Offer!

INTRO OFFER:  This offer is $40 and includes everything you need to get started & set up for success in our classes! You’ll get a 30-minute private intro session, your first 2 group classes, AND wraps to keep as well as rental gloves to use. The intro session takes place before your first class. It is a highly valuable personalized experience where we can slow things down and do a deep dive into the fundamentals of boxing & what you can expect in classes. Although the intro session is not a requirement before taking your first class, it’s highly recommended that you start with this, no matter your experience level. Most people will take the intro session 30 minutes before their first class, but we can schedule them on different days as well! Visit our ‘Get Started’ page for all the info.

If interested in this special, please email us to get going!

What do I need for class?
Please bring gloves and wraps if you have them. We sell wraps for $10, and rent gloves for $4. We also recommend water and a gym towel.
What if I don’t have wraps and gloves? Can I rent gloves?
Gloves and wraps can be purchased prior to class if needed. We are also doing glove rentals for $4!
Do I need to sign up for class in advance?

Yes! Please reserve your space in advance! Due to capping our classes to ensure everyone has enough space, equipment and attention, classes fill up quickly! Cannot guarantee walk-ins! If the class is full, jump on the waitlist, and you may get lucky!

Where do I park?

We have dedicated parking spots outside the gym, and also tons of free street parking on all neighboring streets as well as metered street parking (free before 9 and after 6)

I have no boxing experience, is that ok?
Yes! No experience necessary! Our classes are designed for all levels and modifications can be made to make exercises easier or harder!
We will take you through a quick 3 mins “How To Box” crash course to get you started, teaching you what you need to know to start your boxing journey, like we have done with 10s of thousands in the past.
You can also take our 30-min Private Technique Intro Session where we go over the “How to Box” crash course in a little more depth, using shadow boxing rounds and heavy bags rounds.
You said it’s real boxing technique, does this mean I will get punched?
No, definitely not. We teach real boxing form and how to punch like a boxer, but all classes and sessions at BNB are non-contact and a lot of FUN!
What is your cancellation policy?
We have limited space in our classes and they are designed dependent upon the number of members per class. If you book a class & cannot make it, please cancel at least 10 hours in advance as a courtesy to our trainers and other members who may want to book the class. Cancellations can be made on the Box N Burn app. The Late Cancel/No Show fee is $15.