What to know before you take your first class at Box ‘N Burn Gym. There’s a reason we were named California’s #1 Gym by Men’s Fitness and have LA’s Best Boxing according to Time Out Los Angeles.

What to Expect


Box ‘N Burn is a boxing gym specializing in boxing fitness classes. You’ll be using real boxing techniques in class but don’t worry, our classes are non-contact!
We have 3-8 trainers teaching in a class so we can work with you at your level regardless of whether it’s your first time in a gym, or you have many years of boxing experience. 

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15 Minutes before Class

For your first class please arrive at the boxing gym at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class.  We’ll use this time to check you in, get a waiver signed, and have one of our trainers wrap your hands before class.



Don’t Be Nervous!

Trying a sport like boxing for the first time can feel intimidating but don’t worry! We have beginners in nearly every class, and with 3-8 trainers in each of our boxing fitness classes, we will work with you at your level.

What to Wear/ Bring:

Wear: Come dressed in workout clothes and comfortable sneakers. No need for fancy boxing gear!


​Bring: You will need a pair of hand wraps for your first class, if you have your own please bring them to class. If you do not have a pair, wraps from Box ‘N Burn are $5 for your first class and yours to keep at the end of class.
Gloves are free to rent for your first class, if you own your own gloves you are welcome to bring them with you.

PARKING (and it’s FREE*)

BNB Boxing Gym Santa Monica: Arriving early will ensure you get a spot in the lot behind or down the side of our building, we have 19 FREE parking spots.

BNB Boxing Gym Brentwood: We offer 100% FREE Valet parking for 90 minutes here, and don’t worry about tipping when you leave, we’ve got that covered. The valet parking is inside the building, turn right off San Vicente just before the main entrance and head up the ramp.


I just started going to Box 'N Burn and it completely exceeded my expectations! The gym has a great environment and the trainers are very helpful and motivating. It isn't just a boxing gym and has many different ways you can exercise. Going in I did not have a background in boxing but the trainers do a great job teaching you as you go. You will absolutely get a great workout. Highly recommend checking it out!

-- MATT S. , Los Angeles, CA


My 8-year-old daughter and I love Box n Burn so much! I have come and gone over the last few years, just because I wasn’t working out in general, so much. But lately I am hooked and so is Veda! She has tried a million different classes over the years and nothing ever stuck but now she calls herself a boxer and it has so much to do with the spirit of Box n Burn... She is really into it! So wonderful to see as a mom, we have found our place.

-- Lisa Banoun (Mom) and Veda, 8 years old


Box 'N Burn has to be the most fun, inspiring place to get a sweat going! I had no intentions of ever really fighting anyone, but I'm trained like a boxer and have confidence I could defend myself if necessary! After 3 years of consistently training here, I'm still challenged and satisfied every time I leave. It's the perfect blend of an ass-kicking and a good time! I cannot say enough great things about BNB!


-- Karly Treacy, Los Angeles, CA


I've just hit my one year anniversary and still think it's THE best place to spend my time. There are very few places that I will fight traffic to get to and this is one of them. The workout never gets old and the trainers are some of the best I've worked with. The energy and atmosphere is always positive and encouraging (even at the beginning when I had NO idea what I was doing. Ha!) if you're interested in a fun AND challenging workout you should definitely give this place a try.


-- Audra Howard-Ferguson, Los Angeles, CA


I can see why this place is so highly rated. Parking is around back, and don't be intimidated when you first enter. The people are so friendly and knowledgeable. Be sure to show up early your first class so you can get a feel for it.
I love the way the classes are set up with four exercises per circuit and the circuit is run through three times. It's equal cardio and boxing and probably one of the best work outs I've had. I wish it were a bit cheaper so I could do drop in classes whenever.
I really felt like I was getting it right and left sweaty and satisfied.


-- Ereyn G., Los Angeles, CA