What to know before you take your first class at Box ‘N Burn Gym. There’s a reason we were named California’s #1 Gym by Men’s Fitness and have LA’s Best Boxing according to Time Out Los Angeles.

What to Expect


Box ‘N Burn is a boxing gym specializing in boxing fitness classes. You’ll be using real boxing techniques in class but don’t worry, our classes are non-contact!
We have 3-8 trainers teaching in a class so we can work with you at your level regardless of whether it’s your first time in a gym, or you have many years of boxing experience. 

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5 Minutes before Class

For your first class please arrive at the gym around least 5 minutes prior to the start of class time. We’ll use this time to check you in, get a waiver signed, and one of our trainers will explain how the class will work.


Don’t Be Nervous!

Trying a sport like boxing for the first time can feel intimidating but don’t worry! We have beginners in nearly every class, and with 3-8 trainers in each of our boxing fitness classes, we will work with you at your level.

What to Wear/ Bring:

Wear: Come dressed in workout clothes and comfortable sneakers. No need for fancy boxing gear!


​Bring: For the class you will need to wear wraps and gloves. Normally we have rental gloves but due to the Covid-19 safety procedures that we are implementing, we have stopped all rental gloves.
You will be required to wear your own and we have made that easy and affordable for you!
In our First Timer Bundle you will get 2 classes, BNB training boxing gloves and our new pull-on protection wraps or classic handwraps, total valued at $149 – for just $49 – this is the 1st time we have ever done this!

PARKING (and it’s FREE*)

BNB Boxing Gym Santa Monica: Arriving early will ensure you get a spot in the lot behind or down the side of our building, we have 19 FREE parking spots.

BNB Boxing Gym Brentwood: We offer 100% FREE Valet parking for 90 minutes here, and don’t worry about tipping when you leave, we’ve got that covered. The valet parking is inside the building, turn right off San Vicente just before the main entrance and head up the ramp.

Due to COVID-19 whenever possible, all members will be asked to self park. If self parking is unavailable then friendly parking attendants will wear face coverings and gloves, and use hand-sanitizer after each customer. Or feel free to find metered parking out front.