Sheffield, England born and bred, Josh is now a Los Angeles based Personal Trainer. Josh has been extremely passionate about fitness since the age of 8; playing soccer professionally until the age of 18 when unfortunately, an injury forced him to hang up his boots.

His love of sports has since been wholeheartedly channeled into helping others achieve their fitness goals. This has included many private clients as well as professional athletes from the world of boxing; ice hockey and soccer.

Applying knowledge from his degree in sports science for performance coaching, Josh is focused on all aspects of his clients’ training, including nutrition; physiology; psychology and strength and conditioning.

Through his work with top professional sports teams and personnel; Josh has extensive experience in assisting clients achieve goals whilst also rehabilitating any injuries or physical limitations.

This holistic approach had led to clients maximizing their potential through their sessions with Josh, whose enthusiasm motivates clients from all walks of life.

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