You can now take advantage of our intro offer

save over $100

You’ll get:

30-minute private technique session before your 1st class (Highly recommended but not required)

You will get a session with one of our highly qualified fitness professionals. 

It will take place before your first class showing you the ropes (literally).

You will learn the correct techniques of Boxing, we will slow things down to give you a great understanding of how to box…. like a champion.

The INTRO TECHNIQUE session will include Boxing on the Heavy Bag, as well as some whole body strength and conditioning circuits programmed by our in-house experts.

After the session, you will know everything you need to know, and you’ll be raring to dive right in!

1st  Box N Burn Class

You’ll have a blast learning REAL boxing techniques; crushing the heavy bag with guided demo’s & moving through some fat-shredding strength & conditioning to help improve your overall body strength.

Even on the toughest days, our team will get you through it no matter your fitness level.

Every class is programmed by the best experts at Box N Burn to give you the most effective 45-minute workout possible.

Some classes may include some of our famous BNB mitt work! *This is optional*”

New Hand Wraps to keep – 

Our slip-on wraps are designed to keep your hands safe and protected while offering comfort and a quick, easy, slip-on design. 

Rental gloves – 

Our Pro Performance Boxing Gloves were designed for top performance whether you’re a recreational Boxer or a Professional.  Great comfort and plenty of protection. 

Get this Intro Offer HERE or call us 310-392-2651 (click link to call) or drop us an email if you have any questions

*If you’d like to schedule technique session & 1st class the same day, please let us know.