When there’s an unprecedented meeting of truly powerful forces, they call it: “A perfect storm.”

After winning an Olympic bronze medal, Tony Jeffries embarked on an undefeated pro boxing career, but was forced to retire due to devastating injuries. Around that time, Kevan Watson was working as a boxing gym manager, while crafting a revolutionary, world-class boxing and fitness experience.

Both men were looking to build something of their own: a championship fitness center and community hub, a place that would inspire people everywhere to find the fighter within themselves.

By 2012, a year after they met, Tony and Kevan started hosting free boxing workouts on the Santa Monica bluffs. A year later, they opened their first location.

Today, they’ve turned their partnership and friendship, into a stunning Los Angeles fitness facility, a global boxing academy, and digital media powerhouse — what Men’s Fitness has recognized as: “The #1 Gym in California.” A perfect storm, indeed.


Box ‘N’ Burn aims to deliver a world class boxing fitness experience, no matter your level of boxing ability. 

Whether you’re an absolute beginner who’s never worn a pair of boxing gloves, or an ex-professional who wants to continue training and staying sharp, you’ll be welcomed with open arms to take part in the world’s #1 boxing fitness class.

Unlike traditional boxing fitness classes, Box ‘N’ Burn teaches its members proper boxing technique and puts them through workouts used by boxers at the highest level in the sport, so they can take their fitness levels to brand new heights.


Our Community

You won’t get this by training alone, at home or at other gyms. A support system is hard to have when you’re on your own. ”If you want to go fast, go alone...if you want to go far, go together”. BNB is built around community first which is pivotal in setting fitness & self-improvement goals. Without a community of people behind you, you’re much less likely to achieve success.

Accountability, motivation & comradery

Driven through our community-first approach that you won’t find with at home programs, big-box gyms, or even other boutique gyms - working out with people you enjoy and have fun with will keep you coming back. Fitness goals without accountability & support from a team are a lost cause. At BNB, a team of both trainers and members will hold you accountable and motivate you to keep pushing.

World-class trainers & their enthusiasm to coach

Other gyms have trainers who just don’t really care about you and your progress. They don’t care if you’re improving. That can be incredibly disheartening, which leads to fast burnout and failed attempts to reach your goals. With our trainers, they’re going to see to it that you’re improving & care that you aren’t just burning calories, but having fun and tackling your boxing & fitness goals. In a lot of boxing fitness gyms today, you’re working with entertainers, not trainers. Although entertainers may be fun to be around, they aren’t going to be as genuine in their approach to help you reach your goals.

Fun & Engaging

So many fitness programs out there lack originality, variability, & quickly become boring or repetitive. We have members who have been coming to us for 8+ years because they find the classes fun, engaging & rewarding. A lot of this has to do with the fact that with boxing you’re always learning. Our trainers have the knowledge and experience to continuously challenge you to learn, develop skills, and understand the sweet science.

Workouts Programmed by Industry Leaders

Every class is carefully programmed and well thought out by the Box’ N Burns Co-owners Olympic medallist Tony Jeffries & Boxing fitness industry leader Kevan Watson. Our workouts are not only challenging, but they also flow seamlessly due to the programming of the workouts. While our classes will certainly push you to your limits, they will do so in a way that is designed to maximize your calorie burn but also have your body & mind's best interest.

Benefits of Boxing For Fitness

  • Fun & engaging
  • Highly rewarding and empowering
  • Maximum calorie burn
  • Full body
  • Mentally stimulating and cerebral
  • Low impact on the lower body which most of the population has issues with