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Founded by Olympic Boxing Medalist Tony Jeffries and Boxing Fitness Expert Kevan Watson to serve, influence, and inspire you, our members, and our community through Box N Burn’s unique world-class boxing fitness classes.




Burn 600+ calories in our award-winning 45 minutes Box N Burn classes, no experience is necessary, our highly trained group class instructors will make it fun and enjoyable, no matter your fitness level.



Train on your own time and reach your specific goals with personalized training and small group training options with one of our fully certified, professional trainers.


Limited access to a private gym

Like to do your own thing? Take advantage of our top-of-the-range private training area stacked with top of the line Boxing and Strength Training equipment.


Joseph P.

BoxN’Burn is amazing. I’ve been going for years and there is no better workout. Plus the trainers are fire .

Sabino M.

I love coming to Box N Burn because I feel so much better after I leave especially when I take a class with Coach Heather. She’s motivating and inspiring. She pushes me really hard but keeps it fun. I’m so glad a place like Box N Burn exists where I can just let go of everything that happened during the day and punch it out! Not to mention the technology is the best I’ve ever seen in a boxing gym. You gotta check it out yourself the vibe is unmatched!

Elizabeth W.

Love this place. I’ve been doing the classes for about 6 months, and threw myself into personal training 2x week about 2 months ago. This gym has the best energy I’ve seen, and I tried out a few gyms in the area. The trainers are always pumped and friendly. Definitely a sense of community, and great facilities. Love coming here in the morning to train. Highly recommend both group classes and personal training. Shoutout to my personal trainer Zak, who is awesome at what he does.

Gerald L.

Went for my very first lesson Friday afternoon and was blown away. Top instructors that are willing to help you to get the technique correct but more importantly, they explain the techniques the do’s, don’ts and why with added science to the art of Boxing. Circuit training was fun, challenging and yet, very rewarding in the end. You will feel good with added knowledge. I will be returning soon. My go to Boxing club!!

Brooklyn S.

The best of the best! Dont hesitate if you dont know anything about boxing because these guys will teach you! Every workout with them is a celebration of what our bodies are capable of doing. The trainers, the staff will make you feel confortable and its such a good, positive environment to be in during these crazy times! Sign up for the class – you will not regret it!

Intro Offer Only $40


  • 30-minute private intro session
  • 2x BNB45 Group Classes
  • New Hand Wraps to keep
  • Rental gloves

This private intro session will take place before your first class showing you the ropes (literally)
We slow things down and do a deep dive into the fundamentals of boxing & what you can expect in classes.
Get this Intro offer by calling us 310-392-2651 or drop us an email
*If you’d like to schedule private intro session & 1st class the same day, please let us know.


Learn the absolute best boxing technique and get faster results from one-on-one private training sessions with our high-energy and highly-knowledgeable trainers. We even offer private small group sessions for a more intimate and focused training experience.

We have a very wide range of trainers and will help make the perfect match for you and your goals.


Box ‘N Burn is LA’s most popular and most desired boxing fitness class! Each of our classes are taught by world-class trainers and features proper boxing technique, 1-on-1 mitt work, bag work, and functional fitness exercises so you can get incredible results in the fastest time.